The regulations of Menorca Kayak 360º establish the basic aspects of the activity and the reservation process. It is a must read before contacting us to request a reservation.


Menorca Kayak 360º is a noncompetitive activity offered by 40º Nord and organized by 40º Nord and Menorca Expeditions. The aim of the participants is to complete some of the tour (360º, 180º North or 180º South) and enjoy the activity and the landscape. The route is offered in guided format.

Menorca Kayak 360º is a tour divided in stages, and therefore it will always include overnight stays as close as possible to the ending point of the stage, taking into account, however, that the activity is subject to variations due to the sea and weather conditions. Thus, the location of the accommodation won’t usually be in the exact ending point of the stage.


The organization of Menorca Kayak 360º will provide the transfer of participants to accommodation or to the beginning of the each stage. The schedules of these transfers are set by the organization of Menorca Kayak 360º and will be communicated well in advance to participants. These are complimentary transfers, and transfers of any kind, other than those mentioned, won’t be offered to participants.

All the material and equipment included in the reservation, except the T-shirt, will be given on the first day of the tour. A part from the map, the other materials will be supplied as an interim loan for the duration of the tour, and must be returned at the end in the same state in which they were handed at the beginning.


Menorca Kayak 360º includes the reservation of accommodation the night before of the first stage, as well as after each stage (8 nights in 360º tour and 5 nights in 180º tours). The reservation of these accommodations will be included with the formalization of registration to the activity.

The accommodations vary depending on time of year and/or availability at time of booking. They are hostels and hotels that always meet minimum standards in service, cleaning, etc. and they are located in different parts of the island according on each stage.

Immediately after confirming the reservation, we will proceed to book the accommodation. If some of the options initially included in the price are not available, participants will be offered the most similar possible option among those available at that time.

Participants of Menorca Kayak 360º are subject like any other guest to the booking conditions and use of each of these establishments.

If a change of accommodation is made without the approval of the organization of Menorca Kayak 360º, this change will not involve the return of the price of the night in the hotel previously booked.


The minimum number of people to organize a crossing is two and the maximum is eight. In the case of a single person, you can register if you join a group that previously confirmed the reservation.

The dates can be chosen freely as long as the requested dates are available. When they are not, the closest dates available will be offered, including the possibility to join a group that has already confirmed.

Navigation will be adapted at all times to the whole group, and participants must follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the guides, both to guarantee the security and to ensure good group dynamics.


The tours offered are subject to weather and sea conditions, and therefore are subject to change before or even during the activity. In the case of adverse weather conditions, the activity will be changed and adapted according to the areas of the island where it is possible to paddle safely.
In the case of extreme weather conditions that impede safe navigation in any part of the island, other activities of tourist interest for the participants will be organized by Menorca Kayak 360º team.


FORMALIZATION OF THE RESERVATION. Menorca Kayak 360º can be only done by reservation through our website.

To book Menorca Kayak 360º you must fill in and submit the prereservation form that can be found on this website. Afterwards, we will contact the participant to report the provisional availability of the activity on the dates requested. If it is not available in those specific dates, the closest possibilities will be offered. The participant will be able to join an existing group, provided that the number of 8 people in total is not exceeded, or a tour can be organized on dates that are available (if it is a minimum of two people).

CONFIRMATION OF AVAILABILITY. The availability of both the accommodation and the activity will not be confirmed until the booking is formalized, and therefore is subject to change until that moment.

Tour booking will not be formalized until the payment of the deposit worth 15% of the total amount of the reservation has been made. The deposit will only be valid when the booking reference indicated in the concept of the bank transfer.

If, once the reservation is made, any of the accommodation is not available, an alternative will be sent within 72 hours (also subject to availability upon confirming). If this alternative involves some variation in the price, the participant will be informed to give its agreement.

The deposit will be recoverable until the time when the participant is confirmed the availability of both the activity and the accommodations included.

PAYMENT OF THE RESERVATION. The outstanding balance of the reservation must be paid a minimum of five days before the start of the activity. This amount can be recovered if the cancellation of a reservation occurs as late the day before the start of the activity.

CANCELLATION OF THE RESERVATION. If participants cancel a reservation after the availability confirmation period, the remaining portion of the deposit will be refunded once both the cancellation charges of the accommodation and € 30 per person as a management fee have been deducted from it. If the cancellation occurs in two weeks prior to the start of the program, the amount paid will be refunded once cancellation charges of the accommodation and € 50 per participant as a management fee have been excluded from it. The cancellation once the program starts will not involve any kind of refund.

If the cancellation affects a number of participants but not the entire reservation, the same conditions will apply to the part of the reservation affected by the cancellation. In addition, changing the number of participants may alter the final price of the program.

Participants will be able to transfer the registration to another person, as long as they communicate it with a minimum notice of 5 days. This option will be subject to the payment of € 10 for management fees.


The decision to leave by any participant shall be communicated to the organization of Menorca Kayak 360º as far in advance as possible, and if it occurs within 24 hours before the start of the activity, or during the course of the same, the amount previously paid will not be returned.


Making a prereservation, a request for quotation or the formalization of a reservation imply acceptance of each and every point described above, the Conditions and the Privacy policy of Menorca Kayak 360º.